New technology platform helps accelerate vaccine generation


Covid-19 vaccine candidates using SpyCatcher/SpyTag to display Spike protein on computationally designed particles and Bacteriophage VLPs

Published on 7 Sep 2020


2 recent papers with really interesting results!

Click here to read the full paper on computationally designed VLPs.


  1. RBD can be efficiently displayed on the mi3 VLP via SpyTag/SpyCatcher
  2. RBD-SpyVLP is reactive to monoclonal antibodies isolated from recovered patients 
  3. RBD-SpyVLP induces a strong ACE2-blocking and neutralising antibody response in mouse models
  4. RBD-SpyVLP is highly immunogenic and induces strong neutralising antibody response in pigs

Click here to read the full paper on Bacteriophage VLPs.

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