About us


Mark Howarth, Sumi Biswas, Simon Draper, Jing Jin


Sumi Biswas – CEO

Sumi Biswas is a Professor in Oxford University’s Jenner Institute. Her group focuses on pre-clinical and clinical development of vaccines, with funding including from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her academic work is directed against a range of vaccine targets, including malaria, Ebola virus and Zika virus. Two vaccine candidates developed by her group are currently being taken into Phase I human clinical trials.



Mark Howarth

Mark is a Professor in Oxford University Department of Biochemistry. His research involves innovating protein nanotechnologies. His lab has developed a range of protein superglues, now used around the world in areas including synthetic biology, biomaterials, enzyme engineering, genetics and nanoscience.



Simon Draper

Simon is a Professor in Oxford University’s Jenner Institute. He is a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow. His group develops novel vaccine technologies and therapeutic human mAbs, to understand vaccine-induced immunity. His expertise includes pre-clinical studies, clinical testing, and human immuno-monitoring. His academic worked has focused on malaria and he has also investigated Ebola virus. His group has manufactured 9 new vaccines to GMP and undertaken 7 Phase I/IIa clinical trials- all first-in-human or controlled human malaria infection trials.



Jing Jin – CTO

Jing is a Senior Associate in Oxford University’s Jenner Institute. He completed his PhD in UCL’s Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre in Bioprocessing. Working in industry, he led the process development and the eventual commercial launch of novel viral and bacterial antigens. His academic work focuses on novel technologies for viral platform development and clinical-grade production. He has extensive experience in leading the progression of vaccines and therapeutics to GMP.



Non-executive Director

Lachlan Mackinnon

Lachlan is a Principal at Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI). He has a first class Masters degree in Chemistry and wide expertise in founding and growing high-tech companies.



Research Facility

Situated in Oxford Business Park, the newly fitted office and laboratories (3,700 sq. ft) provide state-of-art research facility to support Spybiotech’s comprehensive R&D activities.